Cable according to CPR

The harmonised European Norm EN 50575 has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union on the 10th of July 2015 based on the European Construction Products Regulations (CPR). It now specifies the requirements of cables with respect to their flammability properties.

Since the 1st of July 2017, cables used in construction for long-term may henceforth be marketed only if they have a CE marking. The labelling with the CE marking confirms that the product meets the European guidelines applicable to the specific product. Depending on the application system, notified bodies are also consulted in addition to the manufacturer for the evaluation and verification of the reliability of the performance.

As a manufacturer, we have of course looked into the subject in-depth and have carried out the corresponding type tests early on.

Here is an overview of our Declaration of Performances:

CU/SPE/SWM/FOL/AL+FRNC 4x2x0,5 + 2xG657 A1

S-2Y(ST)CH 12x4x0,5

IHC Link - 10 NOPOVIC 5x2x0,6

IHC Link - 6 NOPOVIC 3x2x0,6

U-72 MP-H 1x2x0,5 BD/ST

F-02YHAY 1x2x0,4 – Z 120 Ohm

BUS EIB 2x2x0,8

CU/PE/FOL/AL/FRNC ..x2x0,5

PE-ALT ..x4x0,6

PE-ALT ..x4x0,8

PE-ALT-CLT ..x4x0,6

PE-ALT-CLT ..x4x0,8

PE4-ALT ..x4x0,6

PE4-ALT ..x4x0,4

PE4-ALT ..x4x0,8

PE4-ALT-CLT ..x4x0,8

CU/SPE/FOL/AL+PE ..x2x0,5

CU/SPE/FOL/AL+PE ..x2x0,7




A/I-DQ(BN)H / U-DQ(ZN)BH 24E9/125 332-3 GELB

A/I-DQ(BN)H / U-DQ(ZN)BH 12G50/125/OM3 332-3 TÜRKIS

A/I-DQ(BN)H / U-DQ(ZN)BH 24G50/125/OM3 332-3 TÜRKIS


I-V(ZN)H 4E9/125 Indoor grey

I-V(ZN)H 4E9/125 Indoor yellow

I-V(ZN)H 4E9/125 FTTH Anschlusskabel