Mounting services

In the field of fibre optic technology we also offer planning and mounting services, carried out by our own installation team. Numerous reference projects, such as the laying of fibre optic cable through the Attersee lake, cable installation and splicing work in residential projects, right through to large-scale infrastructure projects, underline our broad-based know-how.

Infrastructure projects (delivery of fiber optic cables / fiber optic passicve components and mounting services):

  • Highway A9 – project "INS VAK TU Wartberg"
  • Highway A44 – project "Tunnel Birth" (DE)
  • Highway S1 – project "Tunnel Hennersdorf Ast Güterterminal"
  • Highway S6 – project "Tunnelkette Bruck/Mur"
  • Mediacenter Graz, MCG
  • Highway A2 at Premstätten – project "Asfinag Rastplatz"
  • Highway A99 at Allach/Munich (DE)
  • Deimer tunnel (DE)
  • Highway A8 – project "Überwachungszentrale Wels"
  • Highway A2 – project "Ausleitung Arnoldstein"
  • Highway A12 – project "Galerie Mötz"
  • MRSW Munich - project "Mittlerer Ring" (DE)
  • Highway A2 at Klagenfurt (NUK) - project "Ehrentalerbergtunnel"
  • Road B158 - project "Kaiserparktunnel"
  • Road B294 - project "Hugenwaldtunnel"
  • Highway A4 - project "Jagdbergtunnel"
  • Highway A9 – project "Pyhrn VA Bosruck"
  • Highway S6 - project "Niklasdorftunnel"
  • Highway A2 at Pack Twimberg – project "Übelskogeltunnel"
  • Highway A23 - project "Hanssonkurve"
  • Highway A11 – project "Karawankentunnel BuS"
  • Highway A10 Tauern – project "Galerie Oberweissburg"
  • Highway A23 – project "Landstrasser Gürtel"
  • Road B500 at Baden-Baden – project "Michaelstunnel"
  • Road B78 at Bad St. Leonhard
  • Highway A12 – project "Tunnel Landeck"
  • Smoothness early warning system KTN, SBG, OÖ
  • Railway line Brenner-Unterinntal
  • Highway A10 – project "Vollausbau, Neubau / Sanierung Tauerntunnel"

Cable laying in Attersee