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Environmental management

Environmental policy

Our products and services are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the environmental management system in accordance with EN ISO 14001:2015 and the following guiding principles:

  • Through a consistently reacted environmental management, resource consumption and environmental protection are to be sustainably improved.
  • Wherever possible, all employees should be involved in environmental activities. Employees' awareness of environmental impacts is to be raised through training and education in such a way that everyone works in an environmentally responsible manner and is able to contribute to the common environmental goals.
  • If applicable, environmental assessments, like any other business activity, should be part of the decision-making process at all levels. This includes first of all the examination of the environmental impact in the selection of raw materials or changes in production.
  • Action plans are designed to ensure continuous improvement. Improvements with the greatest environmental benefits must be a top priority. The progress is monitored at least annually and new projects will be included in the planning.
  • A safe and healthy working environment must be guaranteed for the employees. Employees should come to work every day without having to worry about injuries from an accident or illness as a result of overload, noise or chemicals. Dangerous work processes have to be eliminated and harmful materials have to be replaced by less harmful ones wherever technically and economically feasible. Employees should not risk their health in favor of business.
  • Emissions and other environmental factors of production must be checked emission limitation and applicable regulatory requirements must be complied with. Any additional measures to further reduce the environmental impact will be carried out, as far as the ratio of improving the environmental impact is acceptable to the requisite costs.
  • The consumption of resources must be continuously optimized based on the relevant key figures. Important fields of activity here are the prevention of waste and the reduction of energy consumption.
  • The dangers of pollution and accidents must be prevented. Production facilities, manufacturing processes and work processes should be planned with the aim of reducing the risk of environmental pollution and avoiding accidents. The management must ensure that the relevant emergency plans exist and have been tried as far as possible.
  • The management aims to promote information, openness and cooperation on environmental issues related to our facilities and products. This applies to inquiries from employees, authorities, customers and other participants.