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About us

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PENGG KABEL GmbH is a traditional Austrian company with two production sites in Steiermark. At these sites we are producing cables - copper telecommunication cables, railway signalling cables and fiber optic cables – as well as the whole range of passive fiber optic system components for the telecommunication and railway industry.


Company history


Therefore PENGG KABEL!

The mix of company size, experience, know-how and production facility equipment is a matrix that sets us distinctly apart from fellow competitors:

  • the fact that we manufacture copper cables as well as glass fibre products paves the way for us to offer a multiplicity of specialist solutions
  • as a service provider for products we have manufactured ourselves gives us a complete overview while at the same time enabling us to communicate genuine and open feedback to production
  • the size of our company enables us to respond very flexibly to customer wishes - for example the use of fibers from specific manufacturers, modifications to standard designs, colour specifications, marking wishes etc.
  • with direct communication in the hands of personal points of contact
  • rapid decision-making
  • substantially smaller minimum production batch sizes

Member of the FTTH-Council Europe

PENGG KABEL GmbH is a member of the FTTH Council Europe, an association of companies that aims to promote the further FTTH development in Europe. In the past century roads, motorways and the rail system formed the basis for growth and prosperity in Europe, FTTH takes this role in the information age and in a globalized world.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

EcoVadis - an independent sustainability assessment platform for global supply chains - has testet us regard to the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. We proudly announce that they labeled us with the silver medal concerning corporate social responsibility.


Cable according European Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

The harmonised European Norm EN 50575 has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union on the 10th of July 2015 based on the European Construction Products Regulations (CPR). It now specifies the requirements of cables with respect to their flammability properties.

Since the 1st of July 2017, cables used in construction for long-term may henceforth be marketed only if they have a CE marking. The labelling with the CE marking confirms that the product meets the European guidelines applicable to the specific product. Depending on the application system, notified bodies are also consulted in addition to the manufacturer for the evaluation and verification of the reliability of the performance.

As a manufacturer, we have of course looked into the subject in-depth and have carried out the corresponding type tests early on. The resulting EU declarations of conformity / performance can be found at the relevant products on our website.