Fiber optic cablesfreely configurable with us as manufacturer

Fiber optic cables

Fiber optic cables
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The rapid expansion of regional and national high-speed data networks is causing an ever increasing demand for fiber optic cables and components. We face this challenge and produce fiber optic cables with single-mode, multimode or NZDS fibers in our fiber optic technology profit center in Sankt Barbara im Mürztal – OT Wartberg, and assemble the cables with the various connector types to meet the highest demands.

The range of types covers all usual ground cable constructions in jelly filled and dry-filled design as well as metallic and metal-free (PA) rodent protection. Beyond that also metal-free overhead cables (ADSS) in self-supporting design for spans up to 700m and for 20kV or high voltage systems will be manufactured.

With our modern measuring devices, our cables are permanently subjected to tests and controls in accordance with international standards and regulations. As a final test, we measure and record the attenuation of each individual fiber of each drum at the different wavelengths 1310 nm, 1383 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm. In addition, we can also carry out CD and PMD measurements on special customer request.

With a constant expansion of most modern finishing technique with integrated production logistics, we are in the position to supply fiber optic cables on drums with all fiber types available on the free fiber market safely and reliably for its customer.

Flexibility and customer proximity are the bases for a successful development on the market. New developments and product improvements are always necessary. Apart of the permanent search for improvements of our products, our efforts for the future run towards reduction of production time, increase of flexibility and constant improvement of quality, in order to be a reliable partner for our customers.

Our more than 30 years of experience in this area make us a competent and reliable partner.

In the field of cable assembly, we offer comprehensive services.

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