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Throughout the last twenty years the connection speeds for internet access have risen steadily due to the increase in computer power and software complexity, higher resolution displays and a trend for displaying images, audio and video.

The growing popularity of the existing services in combination with the introduction of new services will also drive the bandwidth requirements further in the future. The more information becomes available in digital form, the more data must be made quickly accessible. Therefore, the development of new applications will exploit the improved functions of the network. Applications that require a bandwidth of more than 200 Mbit/s have already emerged.

The improved FTTH performance – in comparison to broadband services that are provided primarily through copper networks – means several obvious advantages for the consumer, both today and also in the future. FTTH offers the fastest possible internet access, which applies both downstream (from network to consumer) and upstream (from consumer to network).

The FTTH expansion also has numerous advantages for municipalities:

  • boosting of economic growth and increased levels of competitiveness for the business model of the municipality
  • improvement in the capability of the municipality to attract and retain new companies
  • improvement in the general quality of life for the citizens of the municipality through excellent communication facilities
  • increased efficiency with the provision of public services including education and healthcare
  • reduction of traffic jams and air pollution due to the increased take-up of work-from-home schemes as well as a reduction in patients travelling long distances

As a complete solutions provider in the field of implementing passive Fibre to the Home we are available to you right from the 1st hour. The basis for this is our large and above all widespread know-how, which we have built and secured over decades. So together with you we can develop a concept tailored around you and your customers. The successful implementation is then dependent on the logistical capability of the supplier. Because we have all of the FTTH products employed in our product range – finely matched to one another – we are able to cover this decisive factor completely.

In the field of cable assembly, we offer comprehensive services.

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