Pre-assembled cablescompletely variable

Pre-assembled cables

Our pigtails and patchcables are manufactured completely according to customer specifications in terms of connector-, cable- and fiber type, quality class, length and color – we can respond to our customers’ wishes accordingly flexibly.

All the steps of the connector assembly – from the plug assembly to quality control – are carried out by our highly qualified embloyees under optimal working conditions.

Our assembly process consists of several steps, such as exposing the fiber, gluing the fiber in the ferrule and curing. After curing, the connector ferrules are polished in several steps, giving them the final shape and surface finish. The finished connectors then go through our 100% quality control. Each connector gets testet at the insertion and return loss measuring station, as well as the geometric surface quality is measured and documented using an interferometer.

In the field of cable assembly, we offer comprehensive services.

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