Sales Director
Member of the Executive Board
Core competencies

Sales Director
Member of the Executive Board

Responsible for
As sales manager and member of the executive board, responsible for the quick processing of inquiries up to the processing and post-processing of customer orders, support for key customers and new customer acquisition in existing and new markets.

“Customer-specific requirements? With our mechanical equipment and our many years of experience, we are definitely the right partner for you ”.

The Pengg Kabel Team

Further Employee

Our committed employees from Austria are at your disposal for any of your concerns whenever you need us. We always engage to process inquiries as quickly as possible, so you will receive a concrete answer within a very short time - TEST US AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Patrick Stelzer

Plant Management Cable Production
Member of the Executive Board

Andreas Meisenbichler

Sales Marketing

Robert Maier

Product Development Manager - Copper Cables

Robert Hofreiter

Key Account Manager

Martin Gruber

Key Account Manager

Nathalie Schmoll

Sales Back Office

Alina Schrittwieser

Sales Back Office

Victoria Weissenbacher

Sales Back Office

Kristina Ebner

Sales Back Office

Jakob Ernst

Sales Back Office

Markus Leister

Purchasing Manager

Angela Pagger

Purchasing Department

Sabine Pudl

Purchasing Department

Nicole Forstner

Human Resources Department

Barbara Hierzenhofer

Human resources department

Markus Zenz

Quality Department - Copper Cables
Head of Quality Management

Michael Lina

Quality Department Fiber Optics

Martin Dittmann

Product Manager - Fiber Optic Components, Mounting Services

Jürgen Gallin

Fiber Optic Components, Mounting Services

In the field of cable assembly, we offer comprehensive services.

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